Why does art play an important role in our civilization?

Since the beginning of time, man has expressed himself through art. If the cavemen illustrated themselves by representations on rocks, using animal blood as paint, the modern man creates paintings, sculptures and others to share their creativity.

Despite the economic and political circumstances that plague the contemporary world, art has always occupied an important place in the life of the human being.

Usefulness of art for children

At first glance, art is a leisure discipline for children. In fact, painting a picture or watching a movie is a secondary activity in every person's life. Few people turn it into a profession for a living. For young children, art stimulates the neurons. By playing with a can of paint, a child intentionally raises his mental faculty. In school, art is used in a complementary way to help students assimilate information without the constraints inherent in other disciplines. While children are required to follow the school's rules and regulations during class, they are more or less free to express their talents during art sessions.

Emotional release for grown-ups

For adults and young people, art has a completely different interpretation. It is true that in general, this discipline has the same role, which is entertainment. However, art has its advantages both for the public and for the artist himself. Its advantages are linked to emotion. For the audience, art brings out the emotions that are inside them, but that they are unable to externalize. Every movie goer or art lover can reflect the emotions buried inside themselves, through the work of another person. The artist is able to take his audience to another dimension through his films, paintings or sculptures. If a person relies on his five senses, he is inclined to live in a three-dimensional world. With the artistic works, the imagination of the public is solicited. In front of the same realization, everyone will make his own interpretation based on the emotions he felt.

Art, a way to identify

Not everyone would be able to discern the hidden messages in a work of art. This is why a work of art can speak to some people and be insignificant to others. This lack of understanding is not a handicap for this discipline because there are countless artists. With the exception of universal geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, each artist has his or her own audience, who will recognize them through their work.

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