Banksy: a committed street artist!

Historically, Banksy has been a street artist, as well as a public artist. His real name has not yet been determined, but only sources have identified Robin or Robert Banks as his real name. It is his wish, as mentioned, to remain anonymous.

Banksy's profile and his art

The country of origin of the artist Banksy is England. It is said that, Banksy's work started to appear on the public scene, in 1998. As an artist, he tends to present a humorous mix of themes in his art. It is a sometimes a mixture of disrespect, humor, and it often even carries a very clear message. In the context of his recreation of his talents, he has a profound concept that is beyond comprehension. However, the content of the purpose that the artist seeks to convey through the techniques he uses is a fact of life which is surrounded by a deep mystery. The culture, in which he expresses his talents, takes the form of a mythical character, in the world of graffiti. Now Banksy is said to be a troublemaker. However, according to him, it was known that no social reality could oppose him.

Banksy's art content

There is a lot going on in the world of Banksy's art which is really provoking through the different performances. This continues to shock the community as well as the neighborhood causing disturbances. However, Banksy's social unrest and misbehavior remains, even today, a mystery, due to a public and official non-disclosure of his true identity.

Keep in mind that Banksy is from Bristol, England and is a street art artist. Banksy got involved as a goofball in part who are anti-war and revolutionary. In the end, their real purpose is to instrumentalize their art, to express their displeasure with loud cries about the realities of society. These include certain political events or decisions made by world leaders.

Banksy's position is not consistent with his masterpieces

Incredibly, even in the opinion of some, it becomes conceivable that Banksy could use a computer, since he can design a very detailed stencil himself. Of course, the techniques he uses for this are completely opposite. In addition to all of the above, the freehand transfer of images and paints, followed by spray-painted pieces, is, also, one of the highlights of some of Banksy's work. To sum up everything that has been said about Banksy's work, it should be highlighted that he is named after an art terrorist in Britain and is causing a stir by entering museums and places of public interest.

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