Bernard buffet a workaholic!

Bernard Buffet is a great French expressionist painter who illuminated the 19th century. This artist is indeed distinguished by his particular techniques, but also by his exceptional hard work. Bernard Buffet is qualified as a great workaholic since his entrance to the National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

Biography of Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet is a very famous painter born on July 10, 1928, in Paris. Son of Colombe Buffet and Charles Buffet, this artist was born with a silver spoon.

Indeed, he is part of the bourgeoisie and he inherited his talent from his grandfather. He began drawing at the age of 10 and entered the Paris School of Fine Arts at the age of 15. After a few years of training, he quickly made a name for himself with his highly technical contemporary works. Visit Galerie Estades to see the best of them. He quickly became famous for his unique technique and graphics. Then as now, Bernard Buffet's works are still recognizable at a glance.

Bernard Buffet: a hard-working artist

Bernard Buffet is a hard-working artist. Indeed, this artist managed to lock himself up for 4 consecutive years in order to paint landscapes. This scene occurred in particular during his purchase of the castle of Villiers le Mahieu. He then devoted himself to painting Brittany and the Auvergne through these seascapes. It is this passion that earned him his signature and his fame during his lifetime and even today. He is one of the most emblematic figures of contemporary art thanks to his very particular creations. This is why during his career, this workaholic has managed to paint more than 8000 paintings.

The particularity of Bernard Buffet's works

The works of Bernard Buffet are easily recognizable thanks to these particular lines. Indeed, he uses a sharp technique coupled with a particular sobriety. These paintings are specified by their perfect linearity. His graphics are also unique in the world and this artist is easily recognized thanks to these dark and glamorous paintings. The sobriety of these paintings reminds us of a classy and bourgeois side. Thanks to these different characteristics, Bernard Buffet has strongly marked the 19th century. This is why he was awarded the honorary decorations of knights and officers in the order of art and letters.

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