Artistic techniques

Claude Weisbuch the man who makes us see music in a different light!

Music is one of the fetish subjects that Claude Weisbush does. He makes us see all those you like to…

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What is the oldest artistic technique?

For years, art has been contributing greatly to the development of a country. It occupies a very crucial place not…

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Watercolor: a perfect technique for painting landscapes!

Painting is a passion for many people. Painting, being a vast and extensive medium, requires several techniques to correctly bring…

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What is the purpose of the wash technique?

Washing and glazing are often confused in paintings, as they are ultimately two dilution techniques. However, if the wash is…

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Where does the Sanguine technique come from?

Sanguine is a drawing technique that has existed since antiquity. As its name indicates, the work made from this technique…

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