Claude Weisbuch the man who makes us see music in a different light!

Music is one of the fetish subjects that Claude Weisbush does. He makes us see all those you like to hear. If you admire his art, you will hear the strings of the violin through the vigor of the bow. Whatever the subject or theme to be presented: he will be able to offer it with the help of music. He uses the hand that will be multiplied so that musicians can practice with him. He captures the stages of life like a snapshot.

An artist who is multidisciplinary

The quality of his work deserves international acclaim. In the field of graphics, he knows how to combine the classical type of writing with a sense of movement and contemporary layout. He will express his talent in various fields such as painting or drawing, lithography and also engraving. For the fetish topics, you will find there: the musicians, the theater as well as the circles concerning the equestrian like the famous Harlequin or Polichinelle. But he devoted himself, essentially, to the dry point, and the litho: you can click here to know more. The ones that hold an important place are the engravings and the gestures that he used. He animated to translate the features of life and the character of certain characters. This famous artist is a drawer as well as a great painter.

Claude Weisbush's journey

Claude Weisbush was born on February 1927 in Thion ville. He studied at the Beaux-arts de Nancy and died in 2014 in Paris. Since 1960 and for 27 years, he taught printmaking in a well-known school. He was classified as a "confidential artist" and he participated in group exhibitions. He received the Critic's Prize in 1961 and entered the ranks of the great artists. In 1962, he began his international career by participating in an exhibition in a gallery called O'Hanna in London. In 1968, he became a member of a society of French printmakers. In 1997, he was awarded the Legion of Honor in France.

The visuality of the signature

His signature offers moving and swirling works. His theatrical as well as vivid behavior gives you a great feeling of appearing more dazzling. This characteristic creates an illusion of characters that are ready to go out of their frames. For this mastery of the staging, he proposes the movement, the anguish, as well as the dynamism and the passion. His art is the result of sketches combining few colors with a liveliness of certain features.

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