Art Gallery

Where to find an art gallery specialized in figurative art?

Modern representational art is considered distinct from modern realism in that representational art uses modern idioms, while modern realists work…

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What is the particularity of an art gallery?

An art gallery is a center for the exhibition, private or public, of various works of art such as paintings,…

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Why does art play an important role in our civilization?

Since the beginning of time, man has expressed himself through art. If the cavemen illustrated themselves by representations on rocks,…

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Buying art: is it a profitable investment?

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not the only options for portfolio diversification. While these investments can offer variety, it’s…

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How to encourage young artists? Where can they exhibit their works?

Getting started in an artistic career is far from easy. For some young artists, the sector is no longer limited…

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