What is the oldest artistic technique?

Published on : 12 July 20212 min reading time

For years, art has been contributing greatly to the development of a country. It occupies a very crucial place not only in education but especially in the development of a country. Over the years, artistic techniques evolve according to technology and technical changes. However, it is always important to know what the oldest artistic technique is.

Cave art: the prehistory of art

The artistic achievements of the ancestors never cease to fascinate the world today. Faced with this, several questions arise. But how were these marvels conceived without the technology and technical advances of the 20th century? In fact, the ancestors used many techniques to realize these artistic works. Cave art has been around since prehistoric times. The Paleolithic artists used several techniques to decorate the caves. Engraving, sculpture and painting are among the most common. Indeed, these are the most known means of expression in this era.

They also constitute a very technical art.

Sculpture: a technique dating back to antiquity

Appearing in the world for years, sculpture is a very old art. First of all, this art is based on the conception and the realization of forms in volumes. Many are the wonders resulting from this ancient art. By carving a stone or a piece of wood, the artist creates volumes and shapes of artistic effect. The high and low relief are the famous sculptures of antiquity. At that time, artists carved in hollow on a flat surface such as walls and panels. And the high relief sculpture found its place in cathedrals. Today, sculptures are used as decorative objects in sophisticated homes.

Painting: a very old trend

Painting is a mode of expression well-known since the dawn of time. In another era, it was made of two pigments, namely black and ochre. Black comes from juniper or pine charcoal and rarely from bone. While ochres are clays with a natural hue. They often vary between yellow-brown and red. During this period, green and blue were not yet known. And the application was based on the use of ochre pencils of different kinds with bits of charcoal. In short, the cave artists created real masterpieces with very simple means.

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