What are the major works of the artist Bernard Buffet?

Being a French expressionist painter, Bernard Buffet presented more than 8,000 works in his lifetime. The watercolor painter has exhibited several private works abroad. The artist's works are the subject of several exhibitions related to the past.  Get acquainted with the most recognized paintings of this very famous artist.

The first famous paintings of Bernard Buffet

In 1947, the French painter painted two naked men, women on pots, and women on hangers. In 1948, the French painter exhibited the Rabbit and Red Casserole as well as Still Life. The Pieta, a representative of sacred art, was also created the same year. Still Life with Fish II and the Barricade were updated in 1949. The Fish Seller (1951), Trawestyt (1953), Galeria Visconti and Horror of War, the Execution (1954) are included. For more information, please visit Bernard Buffet's Clowns.

Bernard Buffet's great paintings from 1955-1967

In 1955, the expressionist painter created five wonderful works. A circus is specially painted: acrobatics on a bicycle, a circus; two clowns sleeping by Courbet, a still life and a clown head. In 1958, Bernard Buffet built the Montagne Sainte-Victoire. His most famous painting of 1961 is called Paravent. The music tools and the fishing boat were realized in 1963. The same year, Bernard Buffet painted a picture for the museum: the Red Butterfly. In 1964, the artist painted two famous portrays, including the Skinned, the Head of Skinned and Still Life. In 1965, the expressionist painter's photographic style was inspired mainly by flowers. This year, the artist painted bouquets, placemats, vases and landscapes on placemats. A bouquet in a Chinese vase is a different image on the screen. This picture was taken in 1967. In the same year, Bernard Buffet gained an award for his famous painting Red Hair.

The artist's famous works from 1970 to 1999

In 1970, the great artist finished his painting that he named the Mad Women: the Bride. Dant's Inferno in a mirror was then kept to be finished in 1976. In 1981, two famous pictures were taken: the Cranes and Aggressive Birds. The House in the Country was updated in 1982, Don Quixote: the Dugouts in 1988, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: The Battle of the Shark in 1989, and Crystal Building in 1990. Oran–Outan was made in 1997 and finally, in number 5, in 1999, his painting Death was finished.

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