How to understand the Pop universe of Keith Haring?

Keith Haring is an emblematic figure in the world of street art. Indeed, he has stood out very quickly by his particular universe which is the Pop art. His works illustrated for the most part by men have, however, often qualified him as an activist artist. But who is Keith Haring really? How to understand his works?

Keith Haring: Biography of the street art artist

Keith Haring is a major American artist in his lifetime. He began by taking drawing classes at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh. He then moved on to the School of Visual Arts in New York City, focusing on different areas. After that, he discovered a whole new passion for drawing outside of galleries and museums thanks to the street art revolution. He then moved into the field of pop art. Indeed, he marked the spirit in the twentieth century through these various paintings on walls. To reach his peak in the field of art, Keith Haring followed different courses in new territories such as subways, streets and walls. This allowed him to get to know famous street art artists of the time.

The Pop universe of Keith Haring: a complex artistic approach

Keith Haring is one of the pioneers of 20th century Pop Art in the United States. His drawings are easily recognizable thanks to the scattered top-down colored men. This art form expresses, often, the democratization of American art. It also defends values and principles and tends to express a well-defined idea. Such is for example the case of the painting Todos juntos podemos parar el sida of Barcelona,  in 1989. This painting denounced many socio-political practices. These drawings are also evocative of light, as they give color to the darkest parts of a city.

Drawing by Keith Haring on the Berlin Wall

Keith Haring's drawing on the Berlin Wall brought him public recognition. Indeed, it is one of his most famous artworks with its linked characters colored in red and black with a yellow background. This painting, on half of the Berlin Wall, reflects the pop art universe of Keith Haring which evokes peace and union. The different street art paintings decorated with his intertwined men are indeed a sign of reunification. He advocates, therefore, peace and denounces injustice through his street art.

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