What is the particularity of Jackson Pollock’s technique?

Born in 1912, the painter Jackson Pollock is a great artist who has marked the art world. Indeed, it is the only artist who has mastered so many methods of flow.

These different techniques have also earned him his fame in the twentieth century, until today. Let's take a look at the specificity of these techniques and the career of this artist.

Biography of the painter Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is a very famous American painter, in the XX century. This great man was born on January 28, 1912 in Wyoming and he married the painter Lee Krasner. The latter is the emblem of his career, because she had a major influence on his work. Famous thanks to his very particular techniques, this American painter had a great influence in the field of contemporary art. This painter has, in fact, painted more than 700 works of art during his life. Among these works, you can find drawings, sculptures and painting essays. He is also one of the most popular painters of abstract expressionism. Unfortunately, the painter Jackson Pollock passed away on August 11, 1956.

All over: a specific technique signed Jackson Pollock

The "all over" technique is one of Jackson Pollock's particularities. This technique appeared in the 50s and as its name indicates, it means "everywhere". It consists in painting a canvas in a homogeneous way. That is to say that the material used as paint is spread on each surface equally. Each support is treated in the same way and there is no differentiation between the parts. The canvas then gives an impression of unsuccessful framing. This technique contributed to his success, as it made him famous over the years. This technical process is specific to Jackson Pollock, as it has never been done before by other artists.

Jackson Pollock's Dripping technique

The Dripping technique is a specific painting technique of Jackson Pollock. It has been famous thanks to this artist although this technique has already been used by many artists before. Indeed, Paalen, Masson and Picabia have already used this pictorial technique. Dripping consists of pouring drops of paint onto a canvas. To paint a picture, Jackson Pollock let drops of paint fall little by little. These stains or drips, which can be interpreted as accidental, then form a divine creation when the canvas is finished.

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