Why did the artist Andy Warhol create a series of paintings about Maryline Monroe?

Andy Warhol is certainly one of the major figures of modern art. His talent and his way of working have had such an impact that today many enthusiasts are still fascinated by his works. Moreover, some of his paintings are still being sold and at a relatively high price of several million dollars. If Andy Warhol is so famous it is above all thanks to his portraits of Maryline Monroe. Why did the artist create a series of paintings on her?

Andy Warhol was in love with Maryline Monroe

If Andy Warhol painted a series of portraits on Maryline Monroe it is above all for her beauty. He found her so beautiful that he decided to dedicate a whole collection to her. Moreover, according to rumors, he was even very much in love with her. He then took one of the most famous photos of the actress and decided to reproduce it by silk-screen printing. This is the portrait of the face of the star which was used for the promotion of the film Niagara. Note that it was originally in black and white. It is by calling on his creativity that Andy Warhol made a colored painting or more exactly a series of 10 photos of very diverse colors.

Maryline Monroe evoked everything that was Pop Art

Just like Andy Warhol, Maryline Monroe illustrated all that the pop art was in its time. Representing the star was therefore to express everything he felt. It concerns in particular the fashion, the celebrity and the culture of this time. Through her paintings, he exposed the beauty and all that had to characterize a woman for him. Moreover, Maryline Monroe was for him the perfect model. This is explained by the fact that in addition to being beautiful, he found her both dark and mysterious. To discover the portraits he made, the museum bearing the name of Andy Warhol is the one you must see.

Simply because Maryline Monroe was famous

The photo Warhol selected for his paintings was used for an advertisement. Instead of drawing his face or making a brand-new portrait, he chose a photo that everyone already knew. To put forward the portrait of Mryline Monroe who was a famous person allowed him to be even more popular in this environment. It was therefore an effective strategy that earned him his place in the art world today.

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